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Who is ZUZA?

ZUZA is your all-in-one marketing support company. From printing and mailing, to cross channel marketing and automated collateral management, ZUZA has got you covered. We’re here to make your marketing a whole lot easier, and a lot more effective.

Our History
We began in 1989 as a quick-print and duplicating shop based in Carlsbad, California, purchased by Martin Solarsh who had recently arrived from South Africa. In those days, we had only 20 employees – and a vision. Partner Philip Lurie, also from South Africa, joined us in 1990, adding his business acumen to the team, and helping us to move forward to the next level of realizing our mission.

Since our beginnings when our company was called Carlsbad Printing Service, and later as CPS Printing, we have tirelessly sought out new and better ways to meet your printing and marketing needs. Over the past two decades, the industry has seen tremendous change. Offset has been joined by digital printing to provide a wider range of printing economies and on-demand capability. Electronic media has flourished. And marketers have more promotional channels to reach customers and prospects than ever before. At every step, we’ve invested in the technology and talent to meet your printing, mailing and electronic campaign needs.

As early as 2004, CPS recognized the growing need for automating the management of marketing assets. Marketers didn’t just need high-quality, high-speed printing service. They needed a way to respond to a changing market, with national and global distribution points. That’s when we ventured into Marketing Asset Management.


Expanded Mission, New Name
We felt we needed a new name to reflect our expanded mission. We picked a name that conveyed the empowerment, energy and positivity, a name that speaks to our goal to make you a marketing champion. That name is ZUZA. And so on September 8, 2011, CPS Printing officially became ZUZA.

As the world of marketing continues to evolve, you can count on ZUZA to help you every step of the way, giving you the highest quality product, fantastic service, and passionate dedication to your marketing success.